Color Code

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Concert installation based on a text by Vilém Flusser “Postmodern Colors” (1988) by Karl Martin Holzhäuser and Gottfried Jäger – with the attempt to “interpret this text in its own visual and musical language” (Brochure). Quantifying (mathematical) and qualifying (artistic) codes were included – meaning “colored lighting effects” (Hirschfeld-Mack) and “colored music” – to form new connections.

Premiere on November 26, 1998 at the opening of the 7th International Vilém Flusser-Symposium in Bielefeld.  Featuring Javier Alejandro Garavaglia- music, Andreas Dress- mathematical paraphrasing, Peter Serocka- visualization, Rainer Jedamzik-video technology, Thomas Noack- sound director, Martin Roman Deppner- introduction.

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