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Audiovisual paraphrases on László Moholy-Nagy’s 1923 painting “K XVII.” Multimedia performance for computer animated video tape and piano, 12 min., 1995 (VHS, 1995) from Gottfried Jäger and Karl Martin Holzhäuser-author and director, Andreas Dress- mathematical paraphrasing, Till Jonas und Peter Serocka- computer visualizations, Markus Plaum-Schnitt, Dieter Holland und Ralph Flowerday- camera, Thomas Noack- sound, Dietrich Hahne- music, Susanne Achilles- piano. Premiere on October 8, 1995 in the Kunsthalle Bielefeld, opening the exhibition “László Moholy-Nagy: Ideas and Effects. Reminiscences of his work in contemporary art” to commemorate the artist’s 100th birthday. The work was thereafter numerously performed.

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