University Work

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1. Teaching

1960-1972 Photo technology teacher at the Werkkunstschule (WKS) Bielefeld.

1973-2002 Professor at the Fachhochschule (FH) Bielefeld.  Teaching fields: Artistic

Foundation of Photography, Photographic, and when required, Film 

1979 Development of the course of studies/curriculum for Photography and Media

1999-2002 Visiting Professor, RMIT- University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Department of Art, Design and Communication.

2. Research

Individual research projects on the history and aesthetics of photography, visual art and image theory.

In: FH Bielefeld: Reports from research and development from 1975 until 2003.

1979-2004 Conception and organization of the Bielefelder Symposium on Photography and Media.  Contributions to the aesthetic theory and practice of technical imaging media and their history.

In: Boström/Jäger: Can photography of our time be captured in pictures? 25 Years of the Bielefelder Symposium on Photography and Media, Bielefeld, 2005. 

1984 Establishment of research areas in photography and media at the FH Bielefeld.

1984-2005 Speaker of key areas

3. Self-Government

1970-1972 Member of the planning committee of the FH Bielefeld

1974-1976 and 1984-1986 Dean

1993-1997 Assistant/Vice Rector of Research and Development Tasks at the FH Bielefeld.

1997-2001 Dean of the Department of Design, since 2000 of the Department of Design/Composition

2008-2013 Member of the University council at the FH Bielefeld.

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