Fundus / Photographica

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Aesthetic photographic objects. Photograms, photo objects, photo installations. The works refer to the pool of “Photographica,” items that belong to the history of medium such as photo materials, camera parts and accessories.  

The first work is composed of a plastic, unworked black lens cap in a spacer frame 30 x 30 cm; its counterpart is a photogram of the object in a second, equally large frame (XVI and XVII 1996). Further works include five photograms 40 x 30 cm of which the subject of the slide is an old 9 x 12 plate cassette (XVIII-XXII 1996). A parallel image depicts the photo pictogram of 1997, animating through digital means image symbols (icons) from the earlier photography literature.

First exhibition: Gottfried Jäger, René Mächler: Constructive Photo Works, in focus, Galerie am Dom, Köln 1996, introduction by Reinhold Mißelbeck.




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