Color Systems

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Serial works within the theme light color utilizing multiple optics (see III.4). Creating systematic rows of pictures: color spectrum, color cycles. Gradual changes of individual design parameters. As a result specific color effects (color mixing, color transitions, and color contrasts) were examined and portrayed as they were driven solely by the contact of light colors and photographic material. Direct exposures on color paper (unique), color negative film and color positive fil with subsequent contact prints and enlargements up to 60 x 50 cm. Nearly 20 series with a total of about 150 photos were created in 1980 and 1982.

First presentation: GDL-Conference (Society of German Photographers), Leinfelden, 1981. First exhibition: Gottfried Jäger, Photographs, generative works, Photography museum in the Museum of Munich, 1982. 

First publication: Gottfried Jäger, Photographs 1980-1982, Color development, Portfolio with custom text, in: Photographie, Schaffhausen, Schweiz, No. 11, 1983, p. 69-78. 

Library: Bibliothèque Nationale Paris, 1986 (Color Cycle VIII 1980, 1–12). 








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