Rotation Program

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Processing program of random to controlled order based on rotation (program level 1). Elementary characters are the basic form of the work Theme and Variations I, “Rust,” from 1960. Color (program level 2), consists of a repertoire of nine colors within a blue-green-red color-scheme spectrum with appropriate secondary colors. The elementary characters receive one of these nine colors through the use of a color filter. 

The rotation defines the course of order, spanning from defined to random order according to algorithms. Individual pictures consequently ensue in different colors. The result is a picture board in the format 130 x 175 cm, displaying 48 uniquely colored pictures in six columns and eight rows, each sized 18 x 18 cm. A second picture board formatted 40 x 130 cm contains several elementary characteristics as an object as well as the description of the entire program. 

First Exhibition: Wege zur Computerkunst (Ways to Computer Art). Kunsthalle Bielefeld, June-July 1971. 

First Publication: Gottfried Jäger: Aesthetic aspects of photography I: Randomness as a programm, the guided coincidence, in: Color, Foto-Journal (Starnberg), Vol. 3, 1972, p. 35-373.









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